Province: Belek

Location: Boğazkent

Project Land Size: 62 415 m2

Stage: In development

Parcels: 500 m2

350 m2

''Paint Your Life in Green''

Living in a modern world, a world of digitalization, work stress and artificial surrounding distanced us from our intrinsic inhabitant where we find peace, serenity and happiness. Green areas without noise and distanced from the city crowd have always been on value.


Hobby gardening has been a spreading idea in Turkey and the interest has risen in the recent years. In that regard Helmann decided to create a unique concept of an ecological project in one of the world’s sunniest and greenest cities. Antalya is a perfect place for relaxation, family holiday and gardening. Its very known history of green and fertile land combined with fresh springs of water makes it a unique place for the first eco gardening project in the region.

Connecting with Nature…

children vegetables

ECOLAND | HELMANN offers an environmentally friendly project where you have a chance to explore the nature in its finest. In your eco garden you can pick ripened tomatoes, peppers or eggplants, water them, collect the seeds, and gather information about the plants. You and your family are immersed into the exciting world of nature. Hobby Garden activities enable children to be aware and understand the importance of giving life to a plant, develop in them a sense of responsibility and love to nature.

Experiencing biodiversity…


ECOLAND | HELMANN concept consists of variety of herbs, fruits and vegetables creating a unique ecosystem. Herbs, fruits and vegetables are grown in an organic way on a clean and controled land without usage of harmful agro chemicals. The eco gardening provides potential gains on physical and psychological health. It opens an opportunity for growing your own food, picking your own food and living a healthy lifestyle while experiencing biodiversity.

Region's First Eco Project

ECOLAND | HELMANN is planned on a land plot of 62 415 m2 in Antalya’s most known region Belek, Boğazkent. The project consists of two types of eco gardens: 350 m2 and 500 m2. The project is close to the well known Kopru Çayı river and Bird Paradise that inhabits various kinds of birds and the island itself is fully protected by the government. The complex is surrounded by untouched nature, clean air and biodiversity. The short distance to the beach adds more to its value and uniquiness.

Distance from important spots:

  • Antalya City Center – 40 km
  • Antalya Airport – 30 km
  • Side Ancient City – 35 km
  • Manavgat – 40 km
  • Belek Center – 8 km
  • Beach – 3 km
  • Belek Fishing Tour – 2.5 km
  • Migros Jet– 2 km
  • Health Clinic – 1km
  • Mosque – 1 k

Every detail is designed to make your day fulfilled…

ECOLAND | HELMANN is designed in terms to fulfill your time in a most precious way while being at peace with your beloved ones. The project is planned to be 24/7 secured by a security guard, making sure that your property and your belongings are safe.

family in garden

Each garden consists of following features:

  • Wooden fence
  • Water & Electricity Infrastructure
  • Parking Spot
  • Solar Garden Lights
  • Botanic Garden House
  • Gardening Tools
  • Garden Beds
  • Mature Fruit Trees
  • Planted Vegetables
  • Herbal Island
  • Chicken Coop (Optional)

Common facilities:

  • 24/7 Security
  • Common Cottage (includes garden for outdoor activities: birthday, celebrations, outdoor games etc.)
  • Gardener
  • Electricity & Water & Road Infrastructure
  • Visitor Parking Spot
  • Roadside Lighting Poles
  • Common Recreation Area
  • Water Pond
  • Outdoor Playground
  • Bicycle and Hiking road
  • Outdoor Library

Eco Land - Life Sinergy

ECOLAND | HELMANN offers a sinergy of healing properties for a peaceful and crowd – distanced spent time. You and your family will be able to enjoy in the beauty of eco gardening, cycling, hiking in nature, playing games in natural surrounding and additionally go to the beach for swimming when you desire.


The beauty of the time spent listening to the bird sound, breathing fresh air, growing your own food and playing outdoor, is an experience that is hard to replace.

''Eco Land is a call from nature itself, for those who are still able to hear it.''