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We can create corporate projects at any scale. Suitable for your target and profitable!

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Turkey is one of the most attractive countries for real estate investments. A great guide for investors is very close!

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We bring investors to the beautiful and developing country - TURKEY from all over the world. In the most developed regions of Turkey, we create and manage real estate portfolios of our investors with a professional team. We have been operating in Turkey, which is among the most developing countries, for 22 years...

Our professional teams try to offer you the best for reaching the maximum benefit that can be Helmann Gayrimenkul Yatırım Danışmanlıkcreated with your existing resources…

On every scale,

We create corporate and profitable projects in land generation and parceling practices in the regions, where added value will be created in result of the development and urbanization works of the agricultural lands, Tourism and Hotel Areas, Residential Areas and Housing Production, Trade Areas, Shopping Centers, Agricultural Lands, land generation of Energy Production Project Areas. If you would like to participate in safe, systematic and right businesses and become one of the rational and real winners with a professional team to the extent of your existing possibilities, we recommend you to apply us...

Helmann Construction is a member of:

  • DEİK (Foreign Economic Relations Board)
  • GYODER ( The Association of Real Estate and Real Estate Investment Companies)
  • INDER ( Association of Constructors)
  • CEDBİK (Turkish Green Building Council)

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