Word from the CEO


The history of HELMANN goes back to the year of 1994 when our story started as a family business that continued its growth into many sectors as a group: jewellery, health, realestate development and construction.

The construction section continued its successful story under the name of ’’HELMANN Construction’’, increasing the number of activities forthe UK and German market. Helmann Construction was the first company from Antalya tobecome a member of the Real Estate and Real Estate Investment Trust Association (GYODER).

HELMANN is recognized for undertaking large, complex projects, encouraging innovation,adopting new technologies, and making a difference for its customers, employees and society. HELMANN has adopted and applies the principle of creating residential projects in accordancewith the latest technology and respect towards nature. Our independant, family company andculture is far from a short-term business logic, but rather focused on buildinga a long and solid bond with all stakeholders.

At HELMANN, our most important feature is our exceptional team of professionals, knowledgeable individuals persistantly looking for improvement, while doing their job with dedication, passion and accuracy.

Our employees are energetic and innovative people who have the freedom to think beyond conventional frameworks and thus contribute to making our company different and unique.We achieved the success through teamwork, joint efforts and exchange of ideas, experiences and knowledge.

Our aim is to stay relevant to the ever-changing market place and client’s requirements.The same guiding philosophy applies for each of our projects - Accuracy, Quality, True Partnerships and Successful Management.We set challenging goals and invest in continuous improvements, rigorously analyze returns and constantly deepen our expertise.

Our experience is a guarantee that the energy will be directed to the right path and in this waywill create value for the customers, as well as for the community and society as a whole.

Dr. Selman Özgün - Cahirman of the Board