Request for an 'additional time' for contracts in the construction industry - - HELMANN

Antalya Construction Contractors Association President Atılgan Sert and GYODER member Dr. Selman Özgün demanded an additional period in the contract after the production was interrupted due to coronavirus and there were problems in the supply of some materials.


It was stated that due to coronavirus, the production has been interupted due to the workforce and there were difficulties in the supply of some materials coming from abroad. It would be difficult therefore to fulfill commitments regarding public tenders, land for floor method and remuneration. An additional period of 3-6 months was requested for the contract periods.

Antalya Construction Contractors Association President Atılgan Sert said that due to the coronavirus, work teams such as formwork and iron were not employed at the same time in order not to bring together many people. Stating that workers are encouraged to wash hands hourly as well as measures such as cologne and disinfectants, Sert said, however, the measures are not at the desired level.


The law regarding he enforcement of a closed parking lot per vehicle that was supposed to be enforced until 31 of March needs to be extended. Stating that, Atılgan Sert noted that the civil engineers and architects who were supposed to take the projects to the municipalities and follow the procedures, do not go to the municipalities due to the coronavirus. Sert said that applications have been made to the Federation of All Construction Contractors and the Confederation of Construction Contractors.


Stating that one of the areas most affected by the coronavirus is the sale of housing to foreigners, Sert said, "As of now, there are no tourists coming. Potential buyer needs to come and see first, but the buyer can not come due to the ban on flights, and there is a serious slowdown. "The discounts at interest rates such as 0.79 and 0.98 paved the way for our industry, but since the coronavirus affects the whole world, we do not see the progress of our industry very well.


Stating that there is a serious problem in the supply of construction materials from abroad, Sert said: "There were many products from China. The biggest market in iron is China. There is a serious increase in iron and iron-related material prices. There is an increase in costs due to the fluctuation of the dollar. When we add the shortage of workers, we demand an additional period of 3-6 months in both public tenders and contracts made in return for land or plots in particular. ".


Dr. Selman Özgün, member of the Real Estate and Real Estate Investment Trust Association (GYODER), stated that the real estate sector is one of our locomotive sectors that affects 15% of our country's economy. When it comes up to the negative effects of the virus, there might be a time problem in the construction contracts for flat for land method, land share or remuneration , especially for contractors. This can appear in two ways: ‘’The first is due to the fact that the production period is extended due to the fact that the production has to be interrupted by the workforce for various reasons, and the second is that due to the fact that the origin of some materials specified in the contracts are abroad and it can not be provided for a certain period of time. For such reasons, construction contractors can request additional time. Contractors will for the previously mentioned reasons struggle to fulfill their commitments. Additional time may be required,’’ said Dr. Özgün.


Explaining that technological solutions such as virtual tour and drone usage will become more and more used methods, Dr. Selman Özgün: ‘’In the new period, I think isolation will become a more important part of construction production.’’ First of all, it should not be forgotten that this is a temporary period. We observe the situation in which all countries have been affected deeply, and a much more controlled and smart process being led by our country. It should be known that the virus that has become a trouble of the world will not force foreign investors to change their investment direction and an increase of demand for safe port such as Turkey will continue in the medium and long term.