Bitcoin era in housing sector!

Housing sales have digitalised. Now those who want, can make their investments with bitcoin.

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Changes in the economy and trade around the world after the Corona virus outbreak have also affected payment methods in many sectors. Now, instead of money as we know it, bitcoin has started to be used in housing sales.

Helmann Construction, which develops projects especially for foreign investors in the real estate and housing sector in Antalya, has added digital currency 'bitcoin' to its payment options such as Turkish lira, dollar, and euro. Stating that the world will no longer be the same after Covid-19, Helmann Construction Chairman Selman Özgün noted that this epidemic changed the world irreversibly and pushed every sector to changes in business policies, strategies and technologies.

Digital money is getting common

Explaining that the markets are introduced to new operating systems, online work, smart contracts and advanced payment system, Özgün said: “The companies that are ready to move forward with a clear vision of the future will be the new entrepreneurs and mobile engines of the market. It is known that the digital world is an inevitable part of commercial transactions.

Digital currencies are becoming rapidly accepted form of payment with each passing day. The traditional way of operation is replaced by more reliable and quicker solutions. Solutions such as digital contracts and bitcoin payments are now being discussed more among the leading sectors.‘’

Housing sales with bitcoin

Stating that Helmann started using bitcoin payment method, to be among the ones applying the latest digital trends and technologies, Özgün said:

‘’The Bitcoin payment option will enable us to be more involved in the digital world, which has become an inevitable part of future payment transactions. Bitcoin offers faster and easier payment options that only require internet and this is an important convenience especially for foreign investors. When we look at the construction industry, we can also realize that phenomena such as smart home, drone usage, VR technology and cryptocurrency payments will take the industry to a new era. Smart solutions such as smart homes, digital contracts, and digital payments are easier not only for a company, but also for customers. Digitalization has definitely changed the business models and strategies of companies.''