Foreigners are expected to buy at least 55 thousand residences in 2020

Dr. Selman Özgün, the Chairman of the Board of Helmann Construction company, evaluated the sale of housing to foreigners in January 2020. ‘’We sold 3,907 units to foreigners with the best start in history of January.", said Dr. Özgün.

The Chairman of the Board of Helmann Construction, Dr. Selman Özgün made a statement about the sale of housing to foreigners in the new year. Dr. Özgün, stating that they have made a significant historical start, said, "We think that the increase rate will continue and the figure will reach at least 55 thousand at the end of the year.’’ Investor demand to our country will continue increasingly.

According to the news in Anadolu Agency; Turkey's foreign real estate sales last year broke a record, surpassing the 45 thousand units. Dr. Selman stated that the number in Antalya rose to 8 thousand 951 in 2019 with an increase of 13 percent compared to the previous year.

Stating that the Turkish real estate sector is still very attractive for foreigners, Dr. Özgün ‘’ Turkey's geographical location, natural, tourist and historical characteristics, low housing prices compared to Europe, lowering the citizenship investment to 250 thousand dollars, are just some of the tempting features.’’

Helmann - Selman Ozgun

Starting with Iraq, including citizens of Russia and Iran and many other countries express interest in Turkish real estate market, Dr. Özgün said that’’ There is a significant increase of interest of Asian countries citizens in the recent years’’.

Dr. Özgun states that citizens from countries such as China, Pakistan and Afganistan show an increase interest, furthermore from Europe, German citizens have purchased the most. Turkey’s visa exemption starting from 2nd of March to Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain and United Kingdom citizens, will provide benefits in tourism and investment fields of Turkey, furthermore the benefits are expected to be seen in the real estate market as well.


Dr. Özgün said that in the first month of the year sales to foreigners increased up to 23.3 percent compared to the same period of 2019:

‘’ In January, we sold 3,907 units to foreigners with the best start in history. We think that the rate of increase will continue and the figure will reach at least 55 thousand by the end of the year. Investor demand to our country will continue increasingly. The important thing here is more promotion and accurate promotion. In addition, it was very beneficial to make the real estate expertise report mandatory in foreign sales. Here, some opportunists were prevented from selling more than the propertie’s value.’’

In January, Istanbul was the first with 1875 house sales, followed by Antalya with 762, Ankara with 235, Bursa with 163, and Yalova with 128. Antalya, the second most sold house to foreigners, sells on average 3 times more residences than Ankara, that follows it. "

Dr. Özgün reminded that it is expected that 10 thousand houses at the end of the year will be sold in Antalya and reminded that very serious projects are being developed in the city.


Stating that the foreigners have acquired housing to stay more in Antalya, Dr. Özgün said that the touristic features and easy transportation of the city are among the reasons for their preference. Expressing that there is a very serious diversity among the nations that buy houses from Antalya, "While European and Russian interest continues, Middle Eastern citizens and Afghanistan have also been interested in the city in recent years," said Dr. Özgün.

Dr. Özgün stating that the Russians preferred Beldibi and Kemer, the British and citizens of Northern European preferred Kaş and Kalkan, concluded with the following:

‘’ Germans buy houses from Alanya and its surroundings, prefering the coastal areas. Russians prefer Kemer and Belek regions. Even if newcomers are scattered throughout the city, foreigners are stil dominating in the city center. Province of Antalya in Turkey is the most favored among Northern Europe citizens. The most important reasons for this, besides climate conditions, is affordable and easy transportation. Additionally, European elderly and retirees prefer Antalya to reşide at, especially during the winter period. "