Expatriates began to buy homes in Antalya rather than in their own homeland!

Expatriates began to buy homes in Antalya rather than in their own homeland!


Turkish citizens living abroad, in order to own a home, pay great attention to the coastal cities, especially to Antalya, due to the exchange rate, VAT exemption and favorable price conditions.

Association of Independent Industrialists and Businessmen (MUSIAD) Hessen Branch, Germany, organised a Construction and Real Estate Fair the second of this year. Participant of the fair , Real Estate Investment Trust Association (GYODER) member Helmann Consturaction company’s Chairman of the Board, Dr. Selman Özgün affirms a serious demand for housing in Turkey by the expatriates.

Dr. Selman Özgün stated that while they were presenting Antalya itself and projects in Antalya at the fair held in Frankfurt, Turkish Ambassador to Germany in Berlin, Mr. Ali Kemal Aydın, Consul General of Frankfurt Burak Karartı, Chairmen of MUSİAD and its managers visited the stand.

Suitable Housing Prices

Dr. Selman Özgün pointed out that the interest of the Turkish citizens living abroad is high, especially because of the exchange rates and VAT exception for Turkish citizens living and working abroad as well as for foreign nationals. He also states that due to the economic conjuncture in housing market, the idea that housing prices are appropriate also increased the desire to own housing.

The desire for owning a house in Antalya increases

Özgün stated that Turkish citizens living abroad prefer having a home in Antalya, rather than in their hometowns. The fact that it welcomes many foreign nationals from abroad as well as tourism, with its sea, history, green texture, and the ease of transportation increases the demand for housing in Antalya.